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Halima, 49, lives in Kodomtola. "My husband and son were killed by the tiger 9 months ago. They entered the jungle to collect wood. My husband climbed the tree while my son stayed on the ground. That's when the tiger attacked my son. My husband saw what was happening and climbed back down to try to save him. They were alone together so no one knows exactly what happened. Fishermen downstream heard what was happening. They found my sons body and then the tiger response team and villagers went in the next morning and found my husbands body. Almost his entire body was eaten. Only his face was untouched. When I heard the news I went mad. No one would let me hear my husbands mangled body. Only after they prepared and cleaned his body for burial would they let me see his face. When I saw him I went senseless. I fainted. Before this incident I was much healthier. Now I just don't feel right. I have to work and I am physically not right to work. I make some money but once and a while I must ask neighbors for food. Sometimes I go a day without eating. When my husband was alive I didn't work. We always had enough and didn't want for anything. I regret that I wasn't able to help my son more. I wish I could have arranged for work in town for him, or sent him to school. This wouldn't have happened. I was 12 years old when I got married. I wasn't informed of the marriage until the day of the wedding. That's just how it was. I was his second wife. He had three children from his previous marriage. They called me "mom" which was so shocking. I was only 12 and the son was almost 10. The loved me very much, like I was their real mom. My married life was very night. He was very caring and loved me very much. I loved him a lot. I miss his so much. I still cry for him."..The Sundarbans forest in Southern Bangladesh is the largest mangrove forest in the world. There are an estimated five hundred Royal Bengal tigers in the Sunderbans, and about fifty to sixty thousand people depend on the