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Shorifa Begum, 40, lives in Gabura. Her husband Kaiser Mali was killed by a tiger in 2010 and she is struggling to survive by carrying on the work that her husband used to do, fishing and collecting crabs. Married at age 13 and now the mother of seven children, Shorifa says,  "Before he died,  things were nice. Now they are uncertain. Sometimes there aren't enough fish or crabs.  Sometimes I don't even make one taka."..The Sundarbans forest in Southern Bangladesh is the largest mangrove forest in the world. There are an estimated five hundred Royal Bengal tigers in the Sunderbans, and about fifty to sixty thousand people depend on the land, rivers and forest for their living. As climate change, hurricanes and cyclones continue to affect the area, the fresh water that once irrigated farmers fields has turned salty, rendering the fields useless. Many people live barely one meter above sea level. Because of rising sea levels and shrinking forest, humans and tigers are fighting for space. The farmers are forced into the forest to hunt for honey, fish, or collect crabs, putting them at risk for a tiger attack.